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We depend on Corporations, Private Foundations and Organizations to support us in continuing our mission.  Your support makes our services, educational seminars and patient centered research possible.  Please make your donation today and join us in helping to prevent vision loss.  Together we are making a difference!

The International Macular and Retinal Foundation has an innovative and patient centered mission for the 21st Century.  We are not the same old foundation you find out there.  We are on the pulse of the community and we have the innovative tools they need to help them to be proactive about their vision health self-care.  Our innovative tools are comprehensive, user friendly, and build confidence in people looking to understand macular degeneration and what they can do to help prevent vision loss.

We distribute our KeepSight journals to the public free of charge.  We also provide free educational seminars at public venues and facilities.  Our patient centered research helps to better understand the patient experience whether dry AMD or wet AMD.  The data we collect helps to better serve patients and caregivers.  The IMRF maintains, produces and distributes the KeepSight journals free of charge.  These journals were used in a NIH study and have shown 500% improvement in patient engagement. Giving patients the confidence to be proactive about their vision health through tools and education is key to preventing vision loss. The support we provide to communities across the US has been well received.

Our team has collaborated with professionals at JHU Wilmer Eye Institute (MD), Tufts University (MA), American Optometric Association (VA), Jefferson Hospital (PA), Spectrios Institute (IL), MD Support (MO), Retina Consultants P.C. (CT), Anthem Blue Cross/Well Point (CA), The Retina Group of New York (NY), National Association of Activity Professionals (WI) and Nova SE University (FL) on projects and advisory boards for research and education in the areas of Macular Degeneration. *** Special appreciation goes to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation who funded our 2016 project.


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International Macular and Retinal Foundation
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The International Macular and Retinal Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit, publicly supported organization as per the Internal Revenue Service code. All contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.



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