How can you Help Others?

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It can be lonely to have eye disease.    Why not connect with others and share in the journey together?   Its not easy to tell others that you have eye problems – so why not share the good news?

The good news is that today, most vision problems can be treated, and vision loss avoided!  But – only if we start treatment early.   If you help remind a friend to check their vision – they can do the same for you and others.  Together, we can get better at caring for our vision.





Social Media

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Share Your Story

We are looking for people who will share their story with us.  Hearing about your Macular Degeneration or Diabetic Retinopathy experience can help us to understand how to better educate people on these eye diseases.  Your story can help others learn.








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Host A Coffee Talk

IMRF offers Coffee Talk kits.  This is a simple way to educate friends and family and your community to the importance of caring for their vision.  Displaying our Coffee Talk mini-poster next to the coffee pot at your next social event at church, temple, or in your community hall – is a great way to help others learn to care for their vision.   *ORDER COFFEE TALK KIT*










Get a KeepSight Subscription

KeepSight vision monitoring tools are always available for free from the IMRF.   You can also subscribe, and become an IMRF supporting member – and receive a subscription to KeepSight vision monitoring tools journal (52 weeks of tests).  KeepSight vision monitoring tools are patented and have been used in patient studies.  These studies have revealed that individuals using the KeepSight tools were more engaged in their vision testing and had a better understanding about what Macular Degeneration was, how to care for their vision, and gave them the confidence they needed to be proactive about seeking help when changes were noted.







I859728_10151485646252392_177729555_oIMG_2389nvite Us To Talk

Spreading the word is what we love to do.   IMRF members will speak at your next community event – and share the latest information on the treatment and prevention of Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy and other macular and retinal diseases.






canstockphoto30512736Why Donate to the IMRF 

The IMRF helps prevent blindness from Macular Degeneration and cannot exist without support.  100% of all donations from individuals and community organizations go to providing direct support for people with macular and retinal disease.  Your help enables us to deliver the needed education and prevention tools to help prevent blindness.  Even though modern medicine can prevent more than 90% of vision loss from Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy – they continue to be the leading cause of blindness in adults – simply because people don’t know how to best care for their vision.  Our mission is to save people’s sight by dedicating our efforts to the prevention of vision loss.  We have the medical tools and doctors ready to do this – we need your help so that together – we can educate others on how to care for their vision and what can be done to help keep their sight.    Your support goes to delivering this assistance, through printing and distribution of vision monitoring tools, sharing the latest knowledge with hundreds of people at community events, and developing next-generation tools for tablets and smart phones to check vision more easily.

The IMRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, publicly supported organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  Click here to help our mission and help  save people’s sight:   *DONATION CENTER*


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