Below are links to many informative videos.  The more you know about and understand about Macular Degeneration the better you can help yourself and others.

Our free KeepSight tools provide you with an educational reference and tools to help you monitor your vision regularly.  Understanding what AMD is, how to monitor your vision, what to look for, when and why you should call an eye care professional RIGHT AWAY!! are all things our KeepSight tools do to help prevent vision loss and blindness.


What is Macular Degeneration:



When does Dry AMD turn to Wet AMD:




How to use an Amsler Grid-  (this grid was developed in the 1960’s)  We have a new innovative grid that was used in a National Eye Institute study 2010-2013.  It is used the same but is new and improved.



More about the KeepSight tools that the International Macular and Retinal Team developed:


4 video- series…..



Multiple Video Series…..


Dr. Packer- Retina Consultants:  Talks about the importance of eye exams and more about Macular Degeneration……


Dr. Maisel- Retina Group of New York: Talks about strange symptoms……






Our team has collaborated with professionals at JHU Wilmer Eye Institute (MD), Tufts University (MA), American Optometric Association (VA), Jefferson Hospital (PA), Spectrios Institute (IL), MD Support (MO), Retina Consultants P.C. (CT), Anthem Blue Cross/Well Point (CA), The Retina Group of New York (NY), National Association of Activity Professionals (WI),  Nova SE University (FL) and American Macular Degeneration Foundation (MA) on projects and advisory boards for research and education in the areas of Macular Degeneration.





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