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Transforming grief into hope

The gift of vision is important to each of us, every day of our lives.  The ability to look into the eyes of a grandchild, a sunrise and a loved one’s face is a nothing short of miraculous.  Unfortunately – it is only when we lose these gifts, that we hold them so dearly.

IMRF’s works together with families, especially those with a loved one who has suffered with vision loss, to commemorate their life and use their gifts to help other families protect the gift of sight.    Excellent treatments have been around for almost 10 years – but macular and retinal disease is still the leading cause of blindness.  Together, we can stop this and provide the tools that are so desperately needed.

Including the IMRF in your memorial fund can help ensure that others are provided with the help, tools and support that is needed to help prevent vision loss.  Everyone should be able to see clearly, their whole life through.



Getting Startedcanstockphoto14435381

Once you have discussed the IMRF with your family, and wish to include it as part of your memorial fund – there are 2 options right now to move forward.  We will have more options that are appropriate soon that will give you extra piece of mind and let you customize your gift.








canstockphoto248723161 Basic Memorial Fund 

As you write your obituary – simply include the following sentence: “Memorial Gifts may be sent to The International Macular and Retinal Foundation”.    In online obituaries, you can include a link to our custom memorial fund webpage   

This method is preferred for those who want simplicity and wish to minimize having to communicate with anyone from IMRF.  With so much else going on – this simple step is sufficient to provide a memorial fund for your loved one.  Your email is required – and we will only send one message of thanks to you, unless you instruct us to share additional updates with you. 


For those who wish to mail their donation – they can use the following address:

International Macular and Retinal Foundation
Auburn Hall, Suite 105B
60 Pineland Drive
New Gloucester, ME 04260




canstockphoto111387222. Legacy Memorial Fund

The IMRF holds a place of honor and gratitude for our Legacy Memorial Fund Contributors.  For all contributions made by or on behalf of an individual that exceed $500 we will have their name etched on our VISION FOR LIFE Memorial Wall that is conveniently viewed online.  The magnitude of support that this level of contribution brings to our mission to prevent blindness and find a cure is life changing.

View our Vision For Life Memorial Wall







Coming Soon-  Memorial Cards, personalized Memorials and More


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