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Transforming grief into hope

The gift of vision is important to each of us, every day of our lives.  The ability to look into the eyes of a grandchild, a sunrise and a loved one’s face is a nothing short of miraculous.  Unfortunately – it is only when we lose these gifts, that we hold them so dearly.

IMRF’s works together with families, especially those with a loved one who has suffered with vision loss, to commemorate their life and use their gifts to help other families protect the gift of sight.    Excellent treatments have been around for almost 10 years – but macular and retinal disease is still the leading cause of blindness.  Together, we can stop this and provide the tools that are so desperately needed.

Including the IMRF in your memorial fund can help ensure that others are provided with the help, tools and support that is needed to help prevent vision loss.  Everyone should be able to see clearly, their whole life through.

Contributions:  It is through the support of many generous people that the International Macular and Retinal Foundation is able to continue the mission to help prevent blindness and find a cure.  Your support gives us the ability to develop, print and distribute the much needed vision testing tools to millions of people.  Contributions support Macular Degeneration Research that helps prevent blindness and aids in finding a cure.  Contributions give Help and Hope to so many people dealing with Macular Degeneration through Education and Awareness.  Together we can make a difference in so many lives by working to prevent blindness, finding a cure and helping people maintain their independence.

Your Memorial Gift in the name of your Loved One is graciously appreciated

by the International Macular and Retinal Foundation.

If you would prefer to mail your gift (Please include the name of your loved one):

International Macular and Retinal Foundation
60 Pineland Dr., Suite 105B
New Gloucester, ME  04260



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