Note: As a Supporting Member you receive tools and more, but like other generous people you also contribute to the mission of preventing blindness and finding a cure.  You are helping yourself and helping others as well.  This kind of support contributes to making a difference in Macular Degeneration Education, Research and Awareness.

It is through the support of many generous people that the International Macular and Retinal Foundation is able to continue the mission to help prevent blindness and find a cure.  Your support gives us the ability to develop, print and distribute the much needed vision testing tools to millions of people.  Contributions support Macular Degeneration Research that helps prevent blindness and aids in finding a cure.  Contributions give Help and Hope to so many people dealing with Macular Degeneration through Education and Awareness.  Together we can make a difference in so many lives by working to prevent blindness, finding a cure and helping people maintain their independence.  You can be a part of this mission!


Any Item can be gifted or put in another person's name.  Leave personal requests in the comments area of your cart.  Vision is precious and treated so.  Click on order form and print for more options:  ORDER FORM

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