I am 64 years young…..

I was diagnosed with AMD last October when I went for a routine exam. At that time it was dry in both eyes.

Six weeks later I started having trouble reading. I had difficulty recognizing faces if they weren’t close by me. Lines on signs looked wavy or crooked too.
I went back and was told that I needed to see a retinal specialist. He confirmed my left eye had already advanced to wet AMD. Pictures showed fluid under my retina.
I received an injection of Avastin to my left eye one month ago. When i went back this week new pictures showed most of the fluid was gone. I had another injection.
My Amsler’s grid is important in helping me keep track of any progression in either eye. It’s my security blanket. I check both eyes once per week.
My doctor and I discussed other options to forestall the progression of my disease including vitamins, not smoking and dietary changes.
I had read about the possible use of high dose statins the night before. He had not had.time to read the article as the results had just been released when I found them online.
I have a great doctor at a great hospital. I’m very lucky.
I am 64 years young.
~C.M., Alabama

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