This was the first time I even heard about this disease AMD…….

Hi. My name is A. H. and I am from Ireland. I was diagnosed with AMD in 2012 when I was 56 years old. This was the first time I even heard about this disease. I was seeing circles or orbs of different colors and I had a large dark circle in my vision. I couldn’t see faces if I covered my right eye. After one injection per month for five months, my vision returned to nearly normal. I was stable for eighteen months and in 2014 had to start the injections again. This time although my vision improved, I had to continue having the injections. In 2016 my medicine was changed to Eylea. At first it was every six weeks, then eight weeks, then ten weeks and the last one was twelve weeks. That was last week. I never got used to the injections in my eye and dread getting them, but I am grateful to have 20 20 vision. If my story can help others let me know.

A.H.~ Ireland

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