We’ll see…..

It all started last October. I got an email from my youngest brother (he’s 61, I’m 70) in which he told me about his having just been diagnosed with AMD. He described driving down the road and noticing that there was a blind spot in the middle of his vision. He’s never even worn glasses so he had no ophthalmologist but had to find one, which he did, and was told he had wet AMD. I volunteered to do some internet research for him since neither of us was aware of AMD. (To the best of our combined knowledge no one in our family had any kind of low vision nor AMD in particular.)

So I did the research and found out about the possible genetic component of AMD. I thought to myself I’d be wise to get checked out for this and made an appointment. Since my wife had just (in September) had both eyes operated on for cataracts I was up-to-date on a very good local specialized ophthalmologic practice among whom was a retinal and macular specialist. Well. I thought I was doing the conservative thing by going and being checked out. I had no symptoms. So when I was told I had wet AMD in my right eye and dry AMD in my left, I was flabbergasted. 

Luckily, I was told, the wet AMD wasn’t in the center of my vision (or fovea, or whatever the technical names are). So the doctor could do a laser treatment on my right eye far outside of where I might notice it and thereby avoid having to do the injections, if only for a while. For the left eye I would of course have to take the AREDS2 vitamins. I had the laser treatment in December and went for a follow-up yesterday, exactly a month later. The doctor had the same extensive scans and photographs taken before meeting with me as before the diagnosis and was very pleased since it appeared that there was no further growth in the rogue blood vessels. Phew.

Now there are as you might anticipate quite a number of problems and complications caused for myself and my wife by this optical development, but I guess pretty much everyone with AMD has such difficulties. No one at my doctor’s office has even mentioned the words AMSLER grid, but I can easily deal with that myself. 

That’s about the size of it as of now. We’ll do what we can to prevent the condition from getting worse. It would be nice if the AMD didn’t progress but I don’t know that that’s realistic. We’ll see. 


~ R.F.J., Florida

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