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IMRF provides critical tools to patients to monitor their eyesight between routine eye exams.  You can receive our FREE Macular Degeneration tool kit, use the FREE KeepSight on-line vision testing tools, or Print a FREE vision monitoring tool.  KeepSight vision monitoring tools are always available for free from the IMRF.   You can also subscribe, and become an IMRF supporting member receive a full year subscription to KeepSight vision monitoring tools journal and more, Plus you become an active part of supporting the IMRF mission to help prevent blindness and help find a cure.  KeepSight vision monitoring tools are patented and have been used in patient studies.  These studies have revealed that individuals using the KeepSight tools were more engaged in their vision testing and had a better understanding about what Macular Degeneration was, how to care for their vision, and gave them the confidence they needed to be proactive about seeking help when changes were noted.

IF,  you can identify changes at home between eye care visits by testing ~ Know what AMD is ~ understand what to look for and call your eye care professional in a timely manner- there are treatments that can help save your sight.

BUT,  If you don’t test – don’t understand what to look for – don’t have the tools you need and don’t call your eye care professional about changes in your vision within a certain amount of time- You Will Lose Vision That May Have Been Saved!

The IMRF distributes these tools and provides education in various ways.  The journal has Macular Degeneration education and is like an extension of your doctor’s office so you always have it on hand and can test between visits.  Our AMD Coffee Chat kits are popular for small groups to share Macular Degeneration information with seniors and caregivers.  Our Education Seminars bring awareness to communities about Macular Degeneration by providing people with the knowledge they need to be proactive about their vision care.

Grid test example pageKeepSight on-line vision monitoring tools   (The KeepSight web tools are a work in progress- Thank you for your patience)

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The IMRF conducts research studies through the National Eye Institute to uncover the reasons why many people fail to get help quick enough to save their vision and identify patient education needs.  This data is used to improve innovative vision monitoring tools and Macular Degeneration/Diabetic Retinopathy Education seminars we provide to communities all across the  USA.    If we can continue to bring awareness that will empower people to have the confidence and give them the tools they need to be proactive about their vision care – we are that much closer to preventing blindness.

The IMRF also supports other fellow researchers who are who are seeking new innovative ways to help prevent vision loss by developing and testing better treatments and cures for Macular Degeneration.   Together, we can unlock the reasons why millions of people are at risk of losing vision that could have been saved.

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The IMRF wants the whole world to know how to better care for its vision.  Over 18 million people in the US alone, and over 60 million people globally suffer from macular and retinal disease and must test their vision at home at least once a week. Only a small percentage of these people know how to test their vision and what to do if they see a problem.  The IMRF conducts and sponsors direct education programs all over the globe – working in small groups to meet with people face to face. In libraries, senior centers and community halls – IMRF provides direct education to patients on how to care for their vision.  The IMRF also partners with world-class educators such as Dan Roberts of MDSupport.org who also provide direct support to people as well as a phenomenal website filled with free patient information, videos and access to an on-line community of people with macular disease.  Link to MD Support

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