The IMRF and KeepSight are currently working on a study supported by the AMDF (American Macular Degeneration Foundation):  Barriers to patient resilience that influence the help-seeking behavior and the speed of presentation after onset of advanced AMD.

Recruitment AD:  The International Macular and Retinal Foundation, Research Division supported by the American Macular Degeneration Foundation seeks Men and Women age 55 and older with wet Macular Degeneration who have been diagnosed in the last 6-months and who would be willing to share their story for a research study.

 The purpose of the study is to observe patient’s prior patient-reported experience with visual symptoms before diagnosis of Wet AMD with the goal of identifying key factors that influenced presentation speed to the doctor.  Study involves Patients volunteering to participate in the study that will be interviewed over the phone.  They will be asked about any symptoms they experienced, the time course of visual changes (including their use of the Amsler grid), any visual changes they did not report to their doctor, the impact of any symptoms on their activities of daily living and their feelings about having a vision problem generally. During the interview they will be asked to rank factors associated with their resilience and their decision to see a doctor.

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Would you talk with us by phone & tell us your story?

AMDF is sponsoring a study by the International Macular and Retinal Foundation that is seeking input from AMD patients and their families. We want to hear your story.

  • When did you first learn that you had AMD?
  • Did anyone give you an Amsler Grid?
  • How has your vision changed?
  • And other questions about your thoughts of AMD.



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IRB # 14-472   Principal Investigator: Mark Roser


Study using our KeepSight vision monitoring tools:

The Queen’s University Belfast has been granted funding from the UK National Institute of Health Research for a research project titled “Monitoring for Neovascular AMD Reactivation at Home: the MONARCH study”.  QUB has contracted with the International Macular and Retinal Foundation managers of the KeepSight tools for use of our vision monitoring tools in this study commencing on July 2017.  This study will be active for 4 years.  Results of said study will be available to our IMRF community as per the collaborative agreement with QUB.


Current Diabetic Retinopathy Research


What is the NEI doing to advance research on diabetic eye disease?

The NEI is conducting and supporting research that seeks better ways to detect, treat, and prevent vision loss in people with diabetes. This research is being conducted in labs and clinical centers across the country.  For example, the Diabetic Retinopathy Clinical Research Network ( conducts large multi-center trials to test new therapies for diabetic eye disease, and to compare different therapies. The network formed in 2002 and comprises more than 350 physicians practicing at more than 140 clinical sites across the country. Many of the sites are private practice eye clinics, enabling the network to quickly bring innovative treatments from research into community practice.NEI-funded scientists are also seeking ways to detect diabetic retinopathy at earlier stages. For example, researchers are harnessing a technology called adaptive optics (AO) to improve imaging techniques such as OCT. AO was developed by astronomers seeking to improve the resolution of their telescopes by filtering out distortions in the atmosphere. In the clinic, diagnostic devices that use AO may improve the detection of subtle changes in retinal tissue and blood vessels.

Last Reviewed:
September 2017




Clinical Studies (National Eye Institute)

Clinical observations on the use of new anti-VEGF drug, conbercept, in age-related macular degeneration therapy: a meta-analysis

The Genetics of Inherited Eye Disease

Other NEI clinical studies (Link leads to large number of research studies current and completed)




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